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Seeking a presidential pardon

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Gun Rights Restoration

Owning a firearm is a privilege coveted by many in Roanoke, yet as you likely know, is also one that is denied to you if you have been convicted of certain criminal offenses. There is the possibility, however, that if you meet certain criteria, that right can be restored to you. The information detailing that criteria has been detailed on this blog in the past, and many come to our team here at Robert F. Rider, PLC ready to work through the process. Sometimes, however, we have to tell them that the chance to recover their gun ownership rights are slightly different for federal crimes. 

If yours was a federal crime, the approval to restore your rights must come from no less than the President of the United States. Seeking a presidential pardon (which is the only way to have gun rights restored following the conviction of a federal crime) may seem too daunting a task, yet it is possible. Per the Executive Clemency guidelines in the Code of Federal Regulations, petitions for a pardon must be submitted to the Pardon Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice. Your case is then assigned to the office of the Attorney General, where an investigation into your case will be done (which may include contacting any victims of the crime you were convicted of). If the Attorney General’s office believes that you warrant a pardon, your information will be sent to President for final approval. 

To qualify to petition for a presidential pardon, five years must have passed from the date your incarceration ended (or the day you were convicted, if you served no time in prison). You also cannot be on parole, probation or supervised release. More information on getting your gun rights back can be found here on our site.