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Emotional sentencing in tragic DUI car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Dui Defense

When people decide to drink and drive, they are instantly endangering the lives of everyone around them. Unfortunately, while many victims of Virginia DUI accidents suffer immense loss, perpetrators are also left to suffer from the devastating outcome of their poor choice. 

An example that illustrates this point is described in a tragic accident that happened in Colorado when a young mother crashed head-on into another vehicle while driving under the influence. The violent collision killed two occupants in the other vehicle including a father and his teenage son. The deceased man’s wife and his daughter were also in the vehicle and sustained severe injuries. In an emotional case, supporters of the woman accused of causing the accident reminded the judge of how a prison sentence would mean she would be absent in the life of her young son. 

In a recent sentencing, the woman was recommended to serve a 26-year prison term in return for the devastating accident she caused. Emotions ran high as members of both families reacted in the courtroom to the outcome of the trial. The judge reminded the woman that the results of the accident were not a mistake, but rather a choice that ended up costing two people their life. 

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