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Turning violations in Virginia

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2018 | Traffic Violations

Drivers in Virginia can amass points on their driving record faster than they might think. These points even for what are relatively very small violations can stay on a driver’s record for quite some time. Violations involving turns are one example.

Whether for left turns, right turns or u-turns, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that a driver may receive three points on their record per violation. These three points will remain on the person’s record for three years. Knowing this, it can be helpful to review the state’s laws on what constitutes a legal or an illegal turn.

A left or right turn might lead a driver into problems for a number of reasons. Turning right on a red light or left onto a one-way street on a red light might be legal at many intersections but not at all. If a driver fails to see a sign indicating there is no turn on a red light and proceeds making a turn even while following all other guidelines, they may be at risk for a ticket. For any type of left or right turn, use of a turn signal roughly 100 feet prior to the turn is recommended.

The Virginia Code outlines that while u-turns are legal in Virginia, they are not legal at just any part of the road or on any type of road. For example, u-turns are illegal on highways. They should not be made when getting near to the top of a hill, on a curve in the road or in the middle of a roadway. These turns should only be made at intersections. In addition, drivers should turn into the further lane on the right when completing a u-turn.