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The heavy penalties for speeding on virginia’s roads

Traffic violations — no matter what type — are usually a mere nuisance. However, in the state of Virginia, the ripple effect of just one ticket can leave a lasting burden. Speeding tickets specifically are a point of worry for many Virginians, as the state’s laws surrounding these traffic violations are some of the strictest in the country.

There is no denying that speeding is a major threat on America’s roads. WalletHub points out in an article on the nation’s strictest states on speeding that speeding-related crashes cost the country over $40 billion each year. As dangerous as this driving habit may be, speeding tickets also cost drivers in a number of ways, placing many in difficult financial situations. Delaware takes the lead in strictest speeding and reckless driving laws, with Virginia following closely behind, but WalletHub reveals that the Mother of States ranked first when it came to speeding enforcement. In fact, the financial resource goes on to note that drivers in most states could face serious penalties with enough accumulated traffic offenses. 

As I Drive Safely shares, Virginia is one of many states that enforces a point system to assess traffic offenses. Even speeding a little over the limit could leave a mark on one’s driving record; the driving school adds that those points remain on driving records for two years. While a two-year mark might seem steep, some tickets can remain on driving records for much longer. I Drive Safely also states that a driver’s specific location when pulled over for speeding can also determine the outcome: fees increase in school zones and in residential areas. Virginia drivers must grapple with complex laws on the road, but becoming more acquainted with the details can save one time and money in the long run.