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Post-DUI job hunting

Despite the fact that a strong public stereotype continues to exist about the type of people who are arrested for drunk driving, the fact of the matter is that many very responsible people find themselves in this situation in Virginia every year. From doctors to lawyers to teachers and more, an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence has happened to more people than many might think.

Regardless of one’s line of work or profession, when it comes time to look for a new job with a DUI on a record, it is reasonable for applicants to be nervous. Background checks are now part and parcel of pretty much every application and hiring process and some worry that a drunk driving arrest or conviction might actually bar them from getting the job they really want and may even need.

As explained by Forbes, people looking for jobs can actually do their own background checks on themselves. This allows them to see what a potential employer would see. They may even get lucky and the DUI is nowhere to be found. If the DUI is there, then it is time to plan when and how to tell the potential employer.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the amount of weight a company may put on a prior DUI may depend in part on the severity of the offense. Some DUIs are felonies while others are only misdemeanors. Also important is the type of job being sought. Roles in which a person would be driving a company vehicle may be trickier than a standard office job, for example.