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August 2018 Archives

The heavy penalties for speeding on virginia's roads

Traffic violations -- no matter what type -- are usually a mere nuisance. However, in the state of Virginia, the ripple effect of just one ticket can leave a lasting burden. Speeding tickets specifically are a point of worry for many Virginians, as the state's laws surrounding these traffic violations are some of the strictest in the country.

Health and field sobriety tests

People in Virginia who are arrested for driving under the influence offenses after supposedly failing one or more of the field sobriety tests used by officers should know that these tests are not 100-percent accurate. According to, the individual accuracy rates of these three tests ranges from a high of only 77 percent to a low of 65 percent.

Post-DUI job hunting

Despite the fact that a strong public stereotype continues to exist about the type of people who are arrested for drunk driving, the fact of the matter is that many very responsible people find themselves in this situation in Virginia every year. From doctors to lawyers to teachers and more, an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence has happened to more people than many might think.

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