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July 2018 Archives

Substance violations and CDLs in Virginia

If you hold a commercial driving license in Virginia, you know that there are several responsibilities associated with this special type of operating license. In some cases, you are actually held to a higher standard than is someone who holds a standard personal driving license. One example is when it comes to impaired driving offenses.

Class 1 misdemeanors carry hefty consequences

If you have a job that requires driving ability, you know how important it is to obey traffic laws in Virginia. Whether you drive big rigs or drive a personal vehicle for Uber, tickets and points on your license may mean much more than restricted driving privileges; they could mean the loss of your livelihood.

Reviewing Virginia's implied speed limits

The default action of most in Roanoke after being pulled over is to ask the officer why (even though they may know full well what it was that they were doing that merited being stopped). As many of those that our team here at Robert F. Rider, PLC was worked with can attest to, however, there are circumstances where one might legitimately not know why he or she is being stopped. A common one is when you are driving through an area where there are no posted speed limits. How, in such a situation, can an officer justify pulling you over for speeding? 

How do you get your gun ownership rights back?

Having had to go through the ordeal of dealing with a felony arrest in Roanoke, your only desire is likely then to be to move one with your life. A major part of moving on will be having your civil rights restored. One particular right that you may covet is to once again be allowed to legally own a firearm. Your reasons may vary; you may want to be able to hunt again, or obtain a job that requires the use of a weapon. Whatever those motives may be, the circumstances under which you can have your gun rights restored following a felony arrest have been detailed on this blog before. This post will specifically address how you get then back. 

Issues with a breath test could lead to unfair criminal charges

For most crimes in the United States, defendants receive what is called the presumption of innocence. The courts and everyone else should proceed under the assumption that the defendant has not committed a crime until evidence changes that. Defendants receive better treatment and have less to worry about in terms of juror neutrality due to the presumption of innocence.

Ignition interlock basics

Residents in Virginia who are arrested for and charged with drunk driving offenses will want to understand the particulars surrounding some of the penalties they may face if they are ultimately convicted of a driving under the influence charge. One of these penalties may be the required installation and use of an ignition interlock device, also commonly referred to as an IID. 

Juvenile expungements in Virginia

Having a criminal record can be a real hindrance to those trying to make lives for themselves in Roanoke. Imagine just starting in one's adult life and having to deal with such an issue. That is the struggle that many juvenile offenders face. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, roughly 2553 of every 100,000 juveniles ages 10-17 were arrested in 2016. Once those youths have completed whatever consequences resulted from their actions, how are they to avoid having their past criminal activity become a stumbling block for them in the future? 

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