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Correcting errors in the state’s criminal database

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Expungements

When some random guy on the street in Roanoke mistakes you for someone else, it is little more than an awkward inconvenience. When the Virginia state criminal database does, it can be devastating. You need only ask any of those that we here at Robert F. Rider, PLC have worked with to get an idea of how you mistakenly showing up in a criminal database can affect your life. You could be denied housing and/or employment, along with seeing the good reputation that you have cultivated in your community go down the drain. Yet such damage can be repaired. 

Thankfully, the state recognizes that its records are not unassailable, and that if you show up in its criminal database in error, you should be able to have that error corrected as soon as possible. You will, however, have to do a few things in your own. According to the Central Criminal Records Exchange for the Virginia State Police force, the first step is to get fingerprinted. This can be done by contacting any state or local police department or sheriff’s office. An official there can document (on official stationary) that he or she has verified your identity and obtained your fingerprints for the purpose of correcting information in the state’s criminal database. 

From that point, your information is then submitted to the CCRE, who will conduct an audit of the database and the information used to support your initial inclusion. You should hear back from the CCRE within five days of your initiating your challenge. If you do not, contact them to ensure they received your documentation. 

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