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June 2018 Archives

How does the alcohol you drink end up in your lungs?

When referring to drunk driving laws in Roanoke, one number is often repeated: 0.08. This number the blood-alcohol content level recognized almost universally as being the standard at which you are considered legally drunk. Take note of how this test is a measurement of your blood. Yet if and when you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, law enforcement officials do not test a sample of your blood, but rather your breath. How is, then, that the alcohol you drink ends up in your lungs? 

Correcting errors in the state's criminal database

When some random guy on the street in Roanoke mistakes you for someone else, it is little more than an awkward inconvenience. When the Virginia state criminal database does, it can be devastating. You need only ask any of those that we here at Robert F. Rider, PLC have worked with to get an idea of how you mistakenly showing up in a criminal database can affect your life. You could be denied housing and/or employment, along with seeing the good reputation that you have cultivated in your community go down the drain. Yet such damage can be repaired. 

Radar detectors in virginia

Countless Virginians continue to express opinions on the topic of radar detectors, as well as the laws that surround them. After all, Virginia is the only state in the country that prohibits the use of these devices in vehicles. Some believe the restriction on these devices leads to improved safety, while others argue that the the only purpose of this regulation is to maintain revenue through writing tickets.

Restoring your gun ownership rights

Being arrested and charged with criminal activity can be quite an ordeal. Once you have been through it, your main goal may then be to simply put the pieces of your life in Roanoke back together. Many in your same situation have come to see us here at Robert F. Rider, PLC asking if gun ownership is still an option for them. Their (and your) interest in owning a firearm is understandable (such a right is constitutional); at the same time, you may find such a right (along with many others) to be restricted due to the circumstances surrounding your criminal ordeal. 

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