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Will virginia’s speeding laws soon change?

Most Virginia drivers have had at least one scare with a speeding ticket; some leave unscathed, while others struggle to pay fines for months. While speeding laws in most states remain severe, some Virginia lawmakers have attempted to make some changes — changes that could make the difference between an enjoyable drive and an unfortunate run-in with pricey speeding penalties. 

According to a report from The Virginian-Pilot published earlier this year, one Virginia senator has made multiple attempts to change the state’s strict speeding laws, but to no avail. Currently, Virginia drivers caught speeding over 80 miles per hour could face a Class I misdemeanor and up to $2,500 in fines. The Virginian-Pilot pointed out the state’s peculiar speeding laws, which outline that reckless driving is 20 miles over the speed limit — making an unfair loophole in which drivers must pay the price. Senator Dave Suetterlein has made recent efforts to raise that speeding threshold to 85 mph. Although some judges will reduce those steep charges, many drivers struggle to deal with the repercussions. 

Jalopnik magazine also comments on Virgina’s speeding laws, and the seemingly minimal actions that constitute reckless driving. The same level of offense as a DUI, a reckless driving charge can linger on a person’s record for far longer than necessary. Jalopnik also stresses that some officers do not inform drivers of the type of ticket they’ll receive in the first place. The car enthusiast magazine goes on to warn readers of holiday weekends, where law enforcement have a particularly close eye on speeding drivers. The state’s speeding laws are clearly a point of controversy; meanwhile, countless drivers continue to lose their licenses and face severe penalties.