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May 2018 Archives

The consequences of refusing a breath test in virginia

Seeing blue lights in one's rearview mirror can be a frightening experience, especially when alcohol is involved. Even a couple of small drinks could result in a whirlwind of fines and penalties. The topic of refusing a breath test is one highly debated across the nation. Currently, Virginia is one of only a few states that enforces penalties for refusing to take a breathalyzer test. 

The reality of drunk driving in virginia

Learning that a driving under the influence charge could lie ahead is, needless to say, a stressful experience. One's career, financial situation and even quality of life could be placed on the line after a DUI charge. Although Virginia laws work to protect all drivers on the road, some criticize the state's laws surrounding DUIs, DWIs and ignition interlock systems. What are Virginia's DUI laws, and have changes in recent years come with positive results? 

Will virginia's speeding laws soon change?

Most Virginia drivers have had at least one scare with a speeding ticket; some leave unscathed, while others struggle to pay fines for months. While speeding laws in most states remain severe, some Virginia lawmakers have attempted to make some changes -- changes that could make the difference between an enjoyable drive and an unfortunate run-in with pricey speeding penalties. 

Going about virginia's point system, the smart way

When it comes to coupon deals and sports games, points adding up are always a success. As for traffic violations, a point system has quite the opposite effect. Not only can a mere speeding ticket throw one's wallet for a loop; it can have lasting financial effects on an individual. Like most states, Virginia has a set point system that applies to various traffic violations. While the system itself is likely here to stay, drivers can travel knowing some ways to avoid bad driving marks. 

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