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What it means to receive a speeding ticket in virginia

It is an age-old topic that tends to become more of an annoyance than a safety measure, and it can even produce anxiety among some drivers who travel in strict zones. Speeding limits work to keep all Virginia drivers safe on the road, but there is a difference between reckless driving and getting caught driving only slightly over the established limit.

Virginians currently facing speeding tickets might struggle to make required payments alongside other monthly bills. What are some tips to stay prepared in these situations, and what do state laws require drivers to do in order to make a clean driving slate? 

Know the Law

U.S. News spent time considering the often tricky hurdles that a speeding ticket can present to drivers. The article recognizes the critical financial hit that just one ticket can have on residents, and points out that repeated offenses could even result in higher insurance premiums down the road. Some of the best practices drivers can keep in their back pockets include cooperation with law enforcement, connection with a traffic lawyer if necessary and opting for driving school. U.S. News even notes that some drivers challenge tickets, especially in situations where they are facing their first infraction. 

Read the Details

NerdWallet states in a piece on speeding tickets that Virginia is home to some of the longest commutes in the nation. As a result, drivers in this state who are caught speeding often receive higher insurance rates — at an increased average of $64.95 per year. Thus, NerdWallet shares that the true cost of a speeding ticket in Virginia is, in fact, 2.38 times the price of the ticket itself. One way Virginia drivers can avoid this huge financial blow is to plead guilty, complete payment requests and agree to completing a driver education course. By completing a course, drivers may be able to deter a costly ticket that can affect one’s quality of life for months.