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The modification of america’s gun laws

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2018 | Gun Rights Restoration

There are many topics of debate currently circulating throughout American politics, but one of the biggest points of contention involves gun laws. Naturally, recent horrific events involving guns have become highlights of conversation. Although the topic of gun rights is an incredibly serious issue today, the rights of those with a mark on their records seem to get placed on the back-burner. Will Virginians currently dealing with difficulties with gun rights see a potential change in future laws? 

One prominent aspect of today’s gun debate is that of background checks. As ABC News puts simply, the National Instant Background Check System is an FBI-run organization that dictates someone’s ability to purchase a gun. Established in 1993, the NICS runs checks in connection with the following systems:

  • The National Crime Information Center
  • The NICS Index 
  • The Interstate Identification Index

ABC shares that, of the 230 million background checks that have been run, the NICS has denied over 1.3 million. However, one recent question appears to ask, what were the reasons for these denials? This question plagues the minds of many gun enthusiasts, but may not have a clear answer. 

Just as with many current issues today, there are gray areas to the gun control debate. The Washington Post recently reported on the efforts of U.S. Attorneys to crack down on the laws that make it a crime to lie on a federal background check. If an applicant lies on a background check, he or she could face felony charges and up to five years in prison. Controversy has stemmed from this shift, however, as some argue that current gun laws are seeing no significant changes. While there are a number of benefits to modifying the country’s gun laws, there are still many law-abiding Americans who fall through the cracks.