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March 2018 Archives

One-leg stand test not 100% accurate

Do you know someone who has been arrested for  a driving under the influence offense in Virginia? Have you actually been charged with a DUI offense yourself? Whether you want to help and support a friend or family member or need to defend yourself against such a charge, learning about the different tests used during the arrest process will be important for you.

What it means to receive a speeding ticket in virginia

It is an age-old topic that tends to become more of an annoyance than a safety measure, and it can even produce anxiety among some drivers who travel in strict zones. Speeding limits work to keep all Virginia drivers safe on the road, but there is a difference between reckless driving and getting caught driving only slightly over the established limit.

Undiagnosed diabetes could lead to a potential DWI charge

The American justice system offers everyone accused of a crime the ability to mount a defense against the charges. There is a presumption of innocence that protects citizens and has given rise to the popular term "innocent until proven guilty." However, for some people accused of crimes, the justice system and society seem to assume the individual is guilty.

The modification of america's gun laws

There are many topics of debate currently circulating throughout American politics, but one of the biggest points of contention involves gun laws. Naturally, recent horrific events involving guns have become highlights of conversation. Although the topic of gun rights is an incredibly serious issue today, the rights of those with a mark on their records seem to get placed on the back-burner. Will Virginians currently dealing with difficulties with gun rights see a potential change in future laws? 

Determining if expungement is right for you

The words "criminal background check required" may cause you to give up on the application for a job or home in Virginia that you need. Although discrimination is illegal, checking public records to discover if someone has arrests or convictions is not, and the employer or landlord may use the information to deny you work or housing. We at the law office of Robert F. Rider PLC are often able to help people with criminal records to file for expungement.

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